Monday, July 03, 2017

Book Review – Dowsed Treasure Locations Around the World

I must confess to knowing Aquila personally; however I do think that the concept here is brilliant. The author has used his expert research and dowsing skills, honed in searching for Yamashita’s gold, to investigate and pin-point the location of many of the lost treasures around the World. Some of the fabulous treasures featured include Nazi war loot and King John’s crown jewels in Europe; the burial place of Mongol leader Genghis Khan with his vast riches; Oak Island Money Pit in Canada and the lost Dutchman Gold Mine in Arizona, USA. Each account makes fascinating reading in its own right. And with over 30 treasure locations, in almost 20 countries, identified and documented with GPS co-ordinates, it will give a head start in recovering a king’s ransom in gold, jewels and artifacts! A must read book for every treasure hunter!


 Your Plan of Action for A Successful Treasure Recovery, Finding Buried Treasure,           

European Treasures:
Lake Toplitz; Lake Lünersee; Alt Aussee, Austria                                                                                       
Waltham Abbey; King John; Capt. Avery and Merchant Royal Wreck, Cornwall, England
Loch Arkaig; Largo Law, Scotland                                                                                   
The Royal Charter Wreck, Anglesey, Wales
Rennes-le-Château, France
Deutschneudorf, Germany
HMS Frigate Lutine, Holland
Monte Sorrate, Italy
Adolf Hilter’s Wolf’s Liar, Poland
Zbiroh Castle, Czech Republic

North American Treasures:
Superstitions Mountains Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, Arizona; Spanish Fleet in the Great Hurricane of 1553 and The Alamo Mission, San Antonio, Texas; Atocha & Margarita Wreck Sites, Key West, Florida; Poverty Island, Lake Michigan, USA                                                
Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Asian Treasures:
Yamashita; The Awa Maru, The Philippines
Flor Do Mar Ship, Malacca Straights, Malaysia                                                          
 “The Dolphin Wreck”, Sri Lanka
Genghis Khan, Mongolia  

Egyptian Treasures:                           
Red Sea Ship Wrecks; the Ancient City of Tanis

Other Treasures:
Cocos Island
Spanish Fleet Wrecks, Island Of Dominica

The book is available on Amazon  links to, price £14.99. Also available on price $19.99